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Inclusive Design Approach

Data & Innovation

This is a facility truly designed for everyone irrespective of gender identity or physical ability, even including parent rooms for families.

Changing Rooms

At first glance a change room may not appear as an innovation. However, we have 17 parent rooms in total – that double as accessible change rooms, referee rooms, or for male support staff in female teams, or female support staff in male teams – for them to have a dedicated space. The parent rooms are complete with baby change facilities that provide welcoming and functional spaces that ensure an inclusive environment where whānau come first.

We believe the dedicated parent room in the Premier Mega Change Room is a world-first, inside a change room with set-down area and adjoining bathroom for parents and baby.


There are 24 accessible bathrooms with at least 1 in each team’s change room. There are 10 team change rooms including the Premier 50-person Mega Change room (494m2) complete with medical areas, parent room, plunge pools, kit rooms and doubling as an amazing conference space with 85” interactive screen, whiteboards and couches for your next leadership or team building workshop.

Gender Neutral

Along the journey the design scope was formulated with access, inclusion and equal opportunity in mind. Having a gender-neutral environment is part of this innovation. No new urinals were installed in any of the new buildings, shower cubicles have been used throughout to allow privacy to change before re-entering the main change room. Toilet and shower doors extend to the floor and all change room blocks have immediate connections back to individual change rooms if required.

This a game-changer for inclusive spaces.

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