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Offer a selection of indoor and outdoor fields built to international competition specifications with full lighting, cameras, viewing and warm-up areas, and analysis equipment.

Field 01

The sand-based turf with a full hybrid surface provides a premium playing experience for athletes. Enhanced by 500 lux lights and 4 pan-tilt-zoom cameras that provide optimal visibility and coverage during games and practices. The field also includes a HUDL Focus Self-Tracking camera, which allows for precise tracking of player movements, further enhancing training and game analysis. A Field Office is available with a screen in the window for team training analysis, 2 toilets, a water station, and gear storage. Additionally, sideline shelters are available to provide added comfort during games. The FIFA and World Rugby approved goals ensure that the field meets high-quality standards for play and provides a top-level experience for teams and athletes. Overall, this well-equipped field is designed to enhance the performance and experience of all who use it.

Field 02

The sand based turf with a full hybrid surface is equipped with 200 Lux lights and 4 pan-tilt-zoom cameras. It also features a HUDL Focus Self-Tracking camera that allows for precise player tracking during games and practices. The field comes with a shared Field Office that includes a screen in the window for team training analysis, 2 toilets, a water station, and gear storage. Sideline shelters are also available for added comfort during games. Additionally, the field boasts FIFA and World Rugby Approved Goals, ensuring high-quality play for all athletes. With these amenities, the field is well-equipped to provide a top-notch playing experience for teams and athletes alike.

Field 03

This sand-based turf includes a hybrid surface in high traffic areas, 200 Lux lights, 4 pan-tilt-zoom cameras, and a HUDL Focus Self-Tracking camera. A shared Field Office with a training analysis screen, 2 toilets, water station, gear storage, and Sideline Shelters are also provided. FIFA and World Rugby Approved Goals ensure high-quality play. With these amenities, this field is designed to provide a top-notch playing experience for all athletes.

Field 04

Sand-based turf, providing an optimal playing surface. Illuminated with 200 Lux lights, the field ensures excellent visibility during evening matches or practices. While there are no dedicated cameras on this field, the possibility exists to utilize the side-view cameras from fields 2 and 3 to capture the action. A convenient field office equipped with two toilets each, along with storage and operational space, is also available. For added comfort, sideline team shelters can be provided upon request, enhancing the overall experience for players and teams utilizing this facility.

Pitch (Indoor)

Welcome to our cutting-edge indoor sports facility! With a vast 70x50m indoor field, enjoy thrilling small side games like Futsal and 7-a-side football/touch rugby. Boost your skills and fitness with pre-marked areas for fitness testing, including Beep, YoYo, Bronco, and Speed tests at 5m intervals up to 60m. Challenge yourself further with the Illinois Agility Test, T Test, and 5-0-5. Get ready for the ultimate sports experience and push your limits here!

Daylight Harvesting

Clear light panels harvest defused natural light into the building and the LED lighting system auto-adjusts to efficiently ensure an optimum performance level lighting.

Interactive Screen

This massive 7x9m space boasts the largest display of real-size rugby, football, and American Football goals, creating an exhilarating experience for enthusiasts. Get ready to enhance your skills through interactive games like Connect 4, Darts, and a variety of modified challenges that will sharpen your passing and kicking abilities in a competitive and enjoyable manner. Plus, enjoy the advantage of real-time feedback to track your progress and master your game like never before. Let the games begin!

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