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Data & Innovation

Repurposed buildings, recycled materials, integrated landscaping, and energy efficiencies all combine to minimise our environmental impact.


Wherever feasible, we refurbished existing buildings on the site, including the regeneration of the old CIT classrooms, science labs and administration areas to be new change room facilities, analysis bunkers, server room and commercial real estate tenancies.

Replanting of Trees

We have undertaken significant landscaping and replanting of trees to retain the park-like surroundings of the site, including the addition of wildflower planting around the perimeter with picnic tables interspersed which is already proving popular with locals and their whānau.

Latest Technology LEDs

These allow us to use sensors to efficiently control the lighting throughout the facility, even on the sports fields which control the LUX levels from 500LUX down to 200LUX as required. Significant work was undertaken to minimise light bleed and enhance the overall energy efficiency of all the lighting systems.

Smart Lighting and Water Management

Daylight harvesting takes place in the Indoor Field by way of clear light panels harvest defused natural light into the building and the LED lighting system auto-adjusts to efficiently ensure an optimum performance level lighting.

In order to best manage and minimise our water usage, 30,000 litre underground tanks allow for bore water to irrigate the fields and minimise stress on town water supplies. In addition, there are 18 ground based field sensors are across the fields to continually monitor moisture content and ensure fields are not being over watered, wasting water and maintain healthy field growth conditions.

Recycled and Natural Materials

In the Green Room (indoor field) we have used foam matting made from recycled quality foams that no longer have a meaningful purpose in their industries – such as automotive packaging, construction, sports and leisure materials. As such it prevents these foams ending up in landfills or incinerators which considerably reduces the need for fossil fuels for the production of virgin foam.

Sand and cork infill (160 tonnes) was chosen over rubber to build the indoor playing surface. This natural product infill not only is a smart environmental choice, but smells better and provides a more natural feeling to the playing surface.

Energy supply

An increased capital investment on the Cryotherapy and Sauna was consciously made to move away from the traditional gas-powered units to electric Cryotherapy units, and in a similar way an electric infra-red sauna was chosen to further reduce any ongoing environmental impacts and aim for long-term reduction in running costs.

We are able to reduce our reliance on chemicals by using a UV treatment of pool water to reduce the need for harsh synthetic chemicals in the recovery pools.

Local architects and construction companies were selected not only because they do exceptional work, but also with consideration to minimising our environmental footprint. The footprints we leave should be for those to follow and not to fill in.

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