Training & Recovery

State-of-the-art Gym


Our 1,000sqm gym has state-of-the-art equipment, data collection points, and an observation room for staff to monitor training.


4 x Air Bikes

6 x Treadmills

8 x Rowing machines

2 x Skill Mills

2 x Grinders

2 x Ski Ergs

6 x Skill Bikes = 40 x watt bikes, altitude studio


12 x Lifting Racks with benches

2 x Smith Machines

6 x Cable and 5 x glute hamstring (Reverse Hyper)

Hip ThrustHack Squat

Belt Squat

Leg Press

12 x Machine weights (TechnoGym) including pin loaded leg press, leg curl, multi hip, leg extension and seated calf

Free Weights, Med Balls, Kettle Bells

Specialty Equipment

Suspension Rig with boxing stations

Flywheel Training (lower and upper body)

Stretching Area

Specialty Bars

NordBord and Force Decks

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