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Accessible Pool Hoist

Data & Innovation

World-first accessibility to 4 different aquatic environments, a dry-land space and an accessible changeroom.

Accessibility for all

It is very rare to find truly accessible pools and what makes this space unique is the 300kg Accessible Pool Railing System and Hoist, which connects 4 different aquatic environments, a dryland space and an accessible changeroom. The system provides independence and opportunities not seen before to use hydrotherapy, underwater treadmill, endless running / swimming, return to play activities, cold / hot plunge, underwater filming and a dry-land area with a handrail for supporting those requiring assistance for learning to walk again.

The scope and design involved working with elite teams from around the globe alongside disability groups to enable innovative concepts on accessibility. Using these learnings to provide environments suitable for all, including 25 accessible new apartments, accessible lift to viewing areas, 24 accessible bathrooms, consideration to paths, parking spaces and even choices when procuring items like drinking stations. It’s a journey we are still on and firmly committed to so watch this space!

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